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Posted on: January 26th, 2016

Types Of Business Insurance

Would you like to make sure you understand what insurance you need depending on your type of business… ?

Any business needs business insurance because of the numerous risks and potential threats to its success. Business insurance policies can help protect you and your business.

Here are the main types of business insurance you should consider:

  • General liability insurance – In case another person or business makes claim of property damage, injury, slander, libel or data violation the general liability insurance protects your business.
  • Life insurance – If the owner, key employee, executive or founder dies with key person life insurance can be used to pay debts, offsets operating expenses or supplements.
  • Health insurance – You can attract and retain employees by protecting them with health insurance. It protects them from high medical costs for preventive care, injury or illness.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – This type of insurance pays lost wages and medical bills employees injured while on the job in exchange for the employee not suing the employer.
  • Business continuation or business interruption insurance – In case of an unexpected death of someone critical to the business or shutdown of operations not covered by other insurance plans, business continuation insurance protects the business. It also pays business expenses including payroll, vendors, rent or mortgage, taxes and utilities.
  • Commercial auto insurance – This type of insurance covers vehicles used for business. It can also include borrowed or leased vehicles, employees using their own cars for business and medical costs for employees injured while in the company’s
  • Home-based business insurance – It may not cover everything a home-based small business needs. You could look into home-based business insurance or ask your insurance agent about adding a rider to your homeowner’s insurance to cover business-related risks.
  • Commercial property insurance – It helps small businesses pay for repairs and replace buildings or other property damaged due to incidents covered in the policy. Such incidences can be storms, fire, water damage, and vandalism.
  • Professional liability insurance – It is also called errors and omissions insurance. This type of insurance protects services business being sued for negligence, malpractice, or errors that occur while servicing clients.

❏     Business owner’s policy (BOP) – You can get business owner’s policy and avoid paying multiple premiums. This type of insurance includes business property and business liability insurance in one convenient package.


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