Happy elderly couple ANNUITIES

A Stable Retirement Investment Alternative

Annuities help you fund your retirement without the traditional risks associated with stocks.

Fixed & Indexed Annuities fall into two general categories: which can be deferred or income.


Tax-deferred annuities are often used once you’ve reached your maximum allowable 401-(k) or IRA contribution.  The IRS does not set contribution limits for deferred annuities, so you can invest as much as you want.  Like other tax-deferred investments, your earnings compound over time, offering growth opportunities you won’t get with taxable accounts.

Income annuities are generally used for individuals who are retired or near retirement, as they offer guaranteed income for life or a set period of time.  This often enables a more aggressive approach with your other investments since income annuities offer a lifetime income stream.


A safe way to build your financial future

Indexed Annuities from Community Insurance provide the guarantee of fixed annuities combined with the opportunity to earn an even higher rate of interest predicated on an external market index.  Many individuals prefer this approach to investing because they’re not subject to direct participation in the market.  An Indexed Annuity offers a minimum guaranteed interest rate combined with an interest rate linked to the market index.  You face less market risk than variable annuities while still enjoying the potential to earn returns that out-perform traditional fixed annuities when the stock market rises.  As with all products offered by Community Insurance, we offer only those provided by financially solid companies with a history of stability. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Indexed Annuities from Community Insurance.

Which is right for you?

Deferred fixed annuities, fixed income annuities, deferred fixed income annuities: with all the different options, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one?

There’s a simple and safe way to feel confident about the choice you make: talk to the professionals at Community Insurance.  They’ll be happy to help you assess your individual needs and provide options that help you meet your financial goals.

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