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Posted on: December 26th, 2015

13 Common types of business insurance

Running a business is a huge challenge for most. It means having loads to responsibilities each and every day and also often involves putting our own finances at risk. So, have you ever given a thought while starting your business about how you would manage your equipments or machinery which you require to stay in business or even your premises if badly damaged due to the occurrence of a man-made or natural disaster, like-fire or deluge? Will you ever be able to recover yourself from the financial losses? Whether you are a self-employed person or a business owner, our business insurance professionals at Community Insurance can help to protect you and also your company against any unexpected costs. Since 5 decades, we have been helping businesses in Amery, Barron and Burnett County, Cumberland, Danbury, Luck, Osceola, Polk County, Siren, St Croix Falls, and Webster WI just like yours with commercial auto insurance solutions and financial plans. We provide a great deal of variety of insurance policies that cover small businesses (1 to 50 people), people engaged in trade, hospitality operators, experienced professionals and many more. Just ensure that you know what kind of insurance you need for your business, be it big or small. The common types of business insurance which focuses on liabilities, and personnel as well as assets and revenue are given below:

  1. Public or General Liability
  2. Theft and burglary
  3. Product Liability
  4. Employee fraud or dishonesty
  5. Worker’s Compensation
  6. Computer and electronic equipment
  7. Professional Liability Insurance or Errors and Omissions Insurance
  8. Machinery or equipment malfunction
  9. Deterioration of stocks
  10. Tax audit insurance
  11. Commercial vehicle insurance
  12. Business interruption
  13. Goods in transit or property in transit insurance

Our professionals have been offering tailored risk management solutions to make sure that a business is protected against any risks. For more information about us, you can call us today at 715 825-3144 or visit our website at


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