Insurance in Cumberland, Danbury, Webster and Siren, WI

Posted on: July 7th, 2016

3 types of personal insurance you must have

Trying to navigate the haze that is insurance is no easy task. They don’t teach this kind of stuff at school so when you enter the real financial world you might feel like a boat without a rudder. When it comes to personal insurance there are 3 policies that just about everyone should have. They are property insurance, auto insurance and health insurance. Community Insurance can help you with these types of insurance policies in Amery WI, Barron County, Cumberland WI, Danbury WI, Osceola WI and Siren WI.

If you own a residential property you certainly must have home insurance. Most likely you will have a mortgage and it will be a condition of your home loan that you carry adequate property insurance. Even if you don’t have a mortgage is will be stupid not to have homeowner’s insurance. Home insurance protect your biggest investment and you could lose everything if you are not covered for certain risks such as fire, floods, storms and more. Even if you rent your home you should still insure your valuables against damage and theft. Renters insurance is a form or property insurance and for a small premium you can cover your personal possessions.

If you own a vehicle, then auto insurance is compulsory. At the minimum you will need some form of liability insurance. In addition, collision insurance as part of auto insurance is also a good idea.

Medical costs and health care is not going to get cheaper any day soon. When you add up the costs of a medical procedure or a short stay in hospital, then you will understand that health insurance is a no-brainer.

Of course there are other types of insurance that might be useful such as disability insurance, life insurance and umbrella insurance, but the above mentioned namely property, auto and health insurance are essential.



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